karlmond tang:
symbiotic, act IV

As we reach the final act, I wanted to strip the shoot back to its basic concept – I felt I”d bombarded the viewer over the course of the last three acts, so wanted to end with a note of simplicity; perhaps a clean slate as we go forward into the end of the year and my tenure as oki-ni's guest editor comes to an end.

In Act 4, there is colour, there”s black and white, there”s the alternate angles and there”s the beautiful floral arrangements, but everything is presented in a much more simplistic way.

– Karlmond Tang

Creative Direction and Styling: Karlmond Tang

Photographer: Paul Phung
Video: Kyle Kobel
Florals: Jack Sheldon at Grace & Thorn
Make-Up: Riona O'Sullivan
Models: Kennedy Muntanga, Oscar Li, Emily Fiander

With thanks to Vasily Agrenenko, Megan Harrison and Thomas Harvey.

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