In Conversation: Sam Carder

From a less-than-straightforward start, Sam Carder has risen to become Fashion Editor of Britain’s highest circulated men’s lifestyle magazine, with other 500k people flicking through ShortList Magazine each week. His current position is testament to his ability to ensure menswear stays accessible while showcasing directional brands and new designers – something he achieves across his two oki-ni styled shoots: network name – devon and network name – deptford.

How did you get started in the fashion industry? I didn’t take the conventional route into fashion; I was studying my Masters in Forensic Psychology and working in a prison when I first got introduced into the fashion industry. I started assisting on weekends whilst working and realised this was something I was meant to be doing.

What was the inspiration behind your oki-ni takeover? Fundamentally my inspiration for my takeover has been NETWORKS & COMMUNITY – ‘the condition of sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common’. I wanted to tell the story of my own personal community and how a community plays an integral role in your everyday life and well-being. Everything you see throughout this takeover is interlinked; be it the locations where we shot, or the people I collaborated with. It’s these people and environments that we interact with that shape our scope to create.

You mixed a lot of streetwear brands with high fashion in your editorial – JW Anderson with Facetasm, Lanvin and Nike – do you feel there’s less of a separation there than has been? Yeah for sure, I think it’s less and less a taboo to turn up in a suit with trainers on. It’s what every fashion house is now doing, collab after collab and it’s one I hope stays less separated.

What trends do you think are going to be big this year? And what trends are you hoping die out? Loud print, colourful and vibrant Hawaiian shirts should be a staple for the summer wardrobe. Carry that statement through to winter with more logo/statement jumpers. Stay cheery all year. Sequins is one trend that needs to die out for sure.

You currently spend your time as Fashion Editor of ShortList magazine, there seems to be a growing shift in the fashion from traditional print to more digital medias, how do you think this change affects the industry? There’s been a massive shift, companies, brands, houses spending way more on digital platforms than they ever used to. It’s made the magazines and the industry step up, keep current and stay relevant. It doesn’t mean ‘print is dead’ it just means adaption.

Does this affect the way in which you work? How does styling an online shoot for oki-ni compare to a print editorial? Not at all, I treat every shoot the same and come into it with my head on ready to create some memorable imagery. Doing this takeover, for me I feel like I have.

Summer is almost here… any summer wardrobe essentials? Already mentioned the Hawaiian shirt above, always have a clean white crew neck tee or vest and make sure you have a good pair of sunglasses that fit properly. Praying for that sunshine!

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