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eyedress ‘FOODMAN’

Ahead of his upcoming London gig, Manila’s no. 1 exporter of lo-fi witch house Eyedress (aka Idris Vicuña) presents FOODMAN - a mix of obscure samples and original tracks composed by the man himself.

Following a stint as a graphic designer and a brief flirtation with the idea of being a director, the 26-year-old Filipino producer started making music in his bedroom almost a decade ago. His first fully-formed album, Manila Ice, was released by Lex Records earlier this year and touches on love, his experience as a new dad and what it’s like to be creative in the midst of the political turmoil that’s currently ongoing in Manila - all in his signature hazy, melodic way.

He’s also fresh from an appearance on King Krule’s long-awaited album The OOZ, after Krule contributed vocals to track Return of the Wicca Mane under his Edgar The Beatmaker moniker last year.

As he reaches the end of his European tour, we caught up with Eyedress to talk his influences, style and Vincent Gallo. Lots of Vincent Gallo.

Hey Eyedress. Was there a specific moment that inspired you to start making your own music? I was in a band called Bee Eyes but my bassist moved to Spain so it gave me time to focus on my own stuff - I was kind of forced into it (laughs)

Say you’re new to Eyedress. What song should you start off with and why? Uuuuuh…When The Planets Align. It kind of explains the person I am I think and, like, what I believe in. Man, I’m really stoned.

Where was your best gig? Paris, in a little club called Supersonic - there were a lot of cool people there, beautiful people, I don’t know… Everyone, all the bands that opened were great, the crowd was great, the people were great. The Parisians know what’s up with their music. I’m really into French rap after that because I bought some weed off some rappers while I was over there. We’re tight now.

What would your ideal gig line-up look like? Vincent Gallo…Vincent Gallo…uuuuh…just Vincent Gallo. Maybe Morrissey. Morrissey’s sick too. Morrissey supporting Vincent Gallo. Can somebody arrange this?

You’ve recently collaborated with Archy Marshall (King Krule) again. Who would you like to collaborate with in the future? Vincent Gallo. We’d just make some new shit, I’d let him do his thing.

If you could only listen to one song forever, what would it be? My songs (laughs). Okay, not really. Maybe this song Infinitum by Flying Lotus, it’s the last song on his Los Angeles album. It’s amazing.

You’ve got a lot of style - how important is fashion to you? Really important - it’s another way of expressing yourself, right? It’s showing who you are and who you fuck with…what brands you associate yourself with, what you relate to.

You’ve got your own label don’t you - Babeslayer. Tell me a bit about that. I illustrate it myself. I started it because I just wanted to have a brand. My best friend makes clothes and I was like I wanna do that too, I wanna put my drawings on clothes. Hopefully I’ll step it up one day, maybe make some designer stuff.

Which brands or designers do you like? My favourite brands…hmmmm…it depends who’s designing. I used to like Dior Homme when Hedi (Slimane) was there but now I don’t really like them. I guess Raf has some nice stuff - his collections are sick. (Laughs) it’s so funny talking about fashion.

Whose style do you think kills it? Vincent Gallo’s. He’s just all around got it - he makes films, he makes music, all of it. Who else? I like the way girls dress actually more than dudes. And Young Thug dresses cool…like, he’s super random - he can wear a dress and still looks sick.

Did you see Philippe Plein’s last show? Desiigner, Pete Wentz, Young Thug and Fetty Wap all walked… I haven’t seen it. Desiigner and Fetty Wap? Wow. Sounds sick. I’ll check it out.

Can you give us some tips for if oki-ni ever find ourselves in Manila? Number one, without a doubt: eat some mangoes because we have the best mangoes in the world, hands down. Sorry every other country in the world. Hit up the nature spots. Get out of the city and go to the beaches. There’s this place called Palawan, it’s amazing. And go to my girlfriend’s museum, the Bencab Museum. Her dad’s a national artist so he’s got a sick property. It’s basically like two mountains and there’s an echo trail and waterfalls everywhere and my daughter has a bridge there. It’s a sick-ass place. Plugged! (laughs)

Last question - can you tell me a bit about your mix? It’s sample-themed, just a lot of samples I’ve cut up and mixed together so it feels like you’re watching something, maybe a fashion show - it’s a lot of old clips from the 60s, 70s and 80s. The concept was travelling back in time and putting things together to make it appropriate for now.

Eyedress plays the Shacklewell Arms and the Sebright Arms on the 16th and 17th of November. Tickets here.