mix series

Kicking off 2019 is Kalden Bess and Jessica Abruzzese, better known as UNDERHER. The downtempo electronic duo clicked the record button on one of their live sets for a full, uninterrupted session, with the latter half of the mix packed full of unreleased material. Abruzzese’s hypnotic vocals are layered on soundscapes created by Bess in a mix that flows with all the energy of UNDERHER’s live shows. ARESTLESSAFFINITYMIX is just a little taste of what to expect from UNDERHER’s upcoming EP Mercy, out now on streaming platforms.

Accompanying the mix, UNDERHER provided this cryptic piece of verse as a window into what inspires their music.

From the inside looking out
Comfort in the mayhem
A powerful nature
A toxic behaviour
Home, manifested
In the search for belonging.

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